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“We shall delight our customer by offering quality product and services for this purpose we strive hard to retain customer loyalty by adopting latest technology, continuous training of employees and deployment of quality raw material. We shall provide cost-competitive products and be a leader in automobile fabrication.”

“We probably should be improving a long-term commitment to customer satisfaction from quality products and improved returns at the highest level.”

Values are life blood for the company. These values provide guidance for the strategic day-to-day goal. Values pave the way to the success. The company has declared following six values:

Customer-focused: The Company maintains focus on the customers, both internal & external, by giving them priority. Strive to exceed their expectations in terms of the value and quality delivered.

Integrity: Each of us in this world has individual strengths and weaknesses. By working together on common platform, we contribute as a whole to our common goal. We can thereby maintain transparency, trust and accountability.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: We work hard to maintain a lean production, lowering the total cost of products and providing added value to our customers.

Excellence: Excellence is the element that runs through every single constituent that forms the foundation of Vijay industries. Focus on continuous improvement in interactions with people, efficiency of processes, and the wellbeing of the organization.

Care: We care for our customer and employees. We genuinely care for each other.

Growth: Finally new sales are reason behind accelerated growth. New sales bring prosperity to the company. Development of employee depends on the company’s growth and employees’ growths are of top most important to the company.